Module Handbook


Module Name:


Module Level:


Abbreviation, if applicable:

NOP 103

Sub-heading, if applicable:


Courses   included   in   the

module, if applicable:



1st / First Year

Module coordinator(s):

Ajar Triharso


Ajar Triharso


Bahasa Indonesia

Classification   within   the


Compulsory Course / Elective Studies

Teaching format / class hours per week during semester:

2 hours lectures (50 min / hour)


2 hours lectures, 2 hour structural activities, 2 hours individual study,

13 week per semester, and total  78 hours per semester  2.6 ECTS per semester

Credit Points:




Learning goals/competencies:

General Competence (Knowledge)

Being able to build a new paradigm in itself based on the values of Pancasila through the ability to explain the history, status and nature of the principles of Pancasila, respond to actual problems of the nation and the state, and apply the values of Pancasila in life


Specific Competence:

1.       Having the ability of analysis, rational thinking, being critical in dealing with the issues in the life of society, nation and state.

2.       Having the ability  and intellectual responsibility in identifying problem issues and provide solutions based on the values of Pancasila

3.       Being able to explain the basic of truth that Pancasila is ideology that appropriate for Indonesia’s diverse (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika).

4.       Being able to implement and preserve the values of Pancasila in real life

5.       Having the character of Pancasila and professionals who have a commitment to the survival and prosperity of the Republic of Indonesia.


This course discusses, among others, Pancasila in the study of the history of the nation, Pancasila as the basic of ideology, Pancasila as the state ideology, Pancasila as the system of philosophy, Pancasila as a system of ethics, value Pancasila as the basis for the development of science, philosophy of Pancasila, meaning percepts of Pancasila

Soft skill attribute

Honest, Strong, and Confidence

Study/exam achievements:

Final score (NA) is calculated as follow:
Hardskills (80%) + Softskills (20%)


Final index is defined as follow:

 A     :    75 100

AB    :    70 - 74.99

B      :    65 - 69.99

BC    :    60 - 64.99

C      :    55 - 59.99

D      :    40 - 54.99

E       :      0 - 39.99

Forms of Media:

OHP, Whiteboard


Learning Methods

Lectures and Discussion 


1.     Kaelan, 1998, Pancasila Yuridis Kenegaraan, Yogyakarta: Paradigma
2.    Latif, Yudi, 2009, Negara Paripurna, Aktualitas dan Historisitas Pancasila, Jakarta: Gramed
3.    Latif, Yudi, 2014, Mata Air Keteladanan, Pancasila dalam Perbuatan, Bandung: Mizan
4.    Notonegoro, 1975, Pancasila Ilmiah Populer, Jakarta: Pantjuran Tujuh
5.    Sutrisno, Slamet, 2006, Filsafat dan Ideologi Pancasila, Yogyakarta: Penerbit Andi
6.    Tim ICCE UIN Jakarta, 2003, Demokrasi, HAM dan Masyarakat Madani, Jakarta: Prenada Media
7.    Undang-Undang Dasar 1945 hasil Amandemen Buku Modul Mata Kuliah Pancasila Dirjen Dikti, 2013