Module Handbook


Module Name:


Module Level:


Abbreviation, if applicable:

ETU 101

Sub-heading, if applicable:


Courses included in the

module, if applicable:



6th/ ThirdYear

Module coordinator(s):

Dr. Mohammad Imam Utoyo,M.Si.


Dr. Mohammad Imam Utoyo,M.Si.


Bahasa Indonesia

Classification within the


Compulsory Course / Elective Studies

Teaching format / classhours per week during semester:

2 hours lectures (50 min / hour)


2hours lectures, 2hour structural activities, 2hours individual study,

13 week per semester, and total 78 hours per semester 2.6 ECTS per semester 1.3 ECTS

Credit Points:




Learning goals/competencies:

General Competence (Knowledge)

Being able to apply science ethical concepts on campus in particular and elsewhere in general so that it can become a figure of students who excel academically and have good etiquette and has a strong personality to make the Faculty of Science and Technology as The Best Science with morality.


Specific Competence:

1.         Explaining the meaning of the vision and mission of Airlangga University

2.         Knowing the healthy and unhealthy personality

3.         Knowing healthy and unhealthy intercommunication system

4.         Apply the ethics of science and technology development

5.         Being able to explain the role of science and technology that they do in environment


The History of Airlangga University, Personality, Intercommunication System, Technology Development, The role of Science and Technology.

Attributsoft skill

Active, Cooperate and Discipline

Study/exam achievements:

Final score (NA) is calculated as follow:
10% softskill + 30% Presentation + 20 % Assignment+ 20% UTS + 20% UAS


Final index is defined as follow:

A : 75 100

AB : 70 - 74.99

B : 65 - 69.99

BC : 60 - 64.99

C : 55 - 59.99

D : 40 - 54.99

E : 0 - 39.99

Forms of Media:

Slides and LCD projectors, and whiteboards

Learning Methods

Lectures and Discussion


1.       Sejarah Unair

2.       Ari Ginanjar, ESQ

3.       Shobir Ahmed, dkk., Islam dan Ilmu Pengetahuan.

4.       Al-Kutb, Shahib, 2004, Warisan Peradaban Islam di Bidang Sains dan Teknologi, Pustaka Thoriqul Izzah.

5.       Hanna, Paul, 1997, You Can Do It, Penerbit Erlangga.