Informasi Kegiatan Kemahasiswaan

Informasi Kegiatan Kemahasiswaan


Procedure of funds disbursement students activity that is funded by BPPTN 2017:
  1. Submit 2 copies of bounded activity report (original and copy) and signed by head of faculty for students delegation and signed by advisor of student community for delegation in student community (UKM) event.
  2. Send softcopy of activity report by email to
  3. Attach active bank account number on behalf of personal for all delegates who joining the activity.
  4. Attach active bank account number for delegates of student community event.
  5. Attach copy of stamped activity certificate with its objective.
  6. The activity report have to be submitted to Student Directorate no later than 3 weeks after the activity.
  7. If the activity report have been submitted past 3 weeks and there is no confirmation, then the activity is considered null and non funded.

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